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Online Advertising

There is a saying, “Build It, And They Will Come”. But, due to the amount of competition online, most people will never even know that your company even exists online, unless you market it in some way.

Yes, there are a few things that you can do that wont cost you much money, but they still take a lot of time and effort, such as Posting Free Ads, Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Google Maps and etc. But, at the end of the day, both Google and Facebook, charge to advertise on their platforms.

Google and Facebook offer what they call, Pay-Per-Click Advertising. This means that you only pay when someone clicks on an advert, which is great. But, it’s also an online bidding system, which means the more you are prepared to spend on each click, the better you will do in the search results.

When it comes to online advertising, it can become an extremely expensive process. You can either outbid everyone, or you could narrow down to a very specific niche, or target market, to hopefully reach the target audience that you are trying to reach.

When done correctly, online advertising can be extremely effective. But, this will take a lot of trial and error, if you are not experienced, and you will need to be prepared to spend a lot money, in order to get people to click on your adverts.

How can you get started?

In order to get started with advertising online, you would need a Google Adwords Account, or a Facebook Account. And then, you would need to be prepared to spend money on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to stick to a budget, and then to track your results to monitor the improvement.

Keep in mind that when you spend this money, this will not mean that the customer will definitely buy the product or service that you are offering. If you are sending people to your website, once they click on your advert, then your website would need to be eye-catching as well as effective in converting leads, into buyers.

What would you suggest?

First of all, get a domain such as www.yourname.co.za, and then maybe just create a simple 1 page website with a logo and contact details. You can always come back to this at a later stage and upgrade the domain, and build a new website. For now, you just want people to contact you, and you would need the email addresses associated with the domain, such as yourname@yourname.co.za.

Then, I would suggest that you maybe start with a Facebook Page, as this is the easiest. From there, try build a small following, and if you have a bit of money to spend, maybe spend it on Facebook Ads, in order to build your online community, or group of followers that are interested in the product or service that you provide.

As your business begins to grow, you can then look at extending your online empire, and building a professional website that is both visually appealing and effective in helping your existing customers, and converting visitors into new customers.